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KidZania is one of the fastest growing global educational entertainment brands, with 28 locations all around the Globe and also an activity-packed indoor city where learning and play collide for a day out your children will never forget.

Learning and fun rolled into one

Learning and entertainment combine perfectly in our 7,000 m2 scaled replica of a real city. KidZania is packed with over 40 role-playing activities for children aged 2-16, where they’ll learn all about jobs, money and the real world while developing life skills that simply cannot be taught in the classroom.

Showcase your brand as a market leader in your industry to an entire generation growing up in the region. Through exciting role-play activities, children will associate your brand with whatever sector you operate in, and could be the inspiration for their career choices – a fantastic CSR opportunity.

Learning is better when it’s fun. KidZania is a 7,000m2 scaled replica of a real city that combines entertainment and education, with over 70 real-life activities for children aged 4-16. They’ll discover all about different jobs through exciting role-play, and develop decision-making, teamwork, creativity and social skills in ways that can’t be taught in a classroom.

Role Play

KidZania has children’s versions of a hospital, fire station, bank, radio and TV station, supermarket, pizzeria and more. And your kids can find out what it’s like to work in all of them.

From television anchors reading the news to police officers performing detective work and chefs cooking up tasty food, role-playing activities will introduce them to different careers in a fun and interactive way.


Just like adults in the real world, your children will earn money when they work. With every job they perform, they’ll be paid in kidZos – the currency of KidZania – and can spend their money on items and activities throughout the city.


Your kids can also open an account at the Central Bank of KidZania, or they can save their kidZos for future visits. Either way, it teaches them about money management and budgeting.

KidZania’s own benefits programme rewards your children as they progress through the city, giving them hundreds of ways to do new things, experience more and get the most from every visit.

Upon joining, your kids will become CitiZens and will receive an official KidZania PaZZport, in which they can collect stamps that allow them to receive more benefits, earn more kidZos and get a discount in the National Store. Visit our B.KidZanian office today.


Every activity in KidZania comes with an introduction from Zupervisors – fully trained adults who are there to support your children and help them accomplish their tasks while they work and play.

Our approach to Zupervisor training has earned the trust of parents, educators and community leaders, so you can relax knowing your children can have fun and be independent while staying safe, under the watchful eye of professionals.


With KidZania cities in 28 locations across the globe, we have won numerous local and international awards, from Best New Theme Park to Top Family Entertainment Centre and Best Concept awards.

Our awards are a testament to our commitment of keeping the KidZania concept fresh and innovative and putting children at the heart of everything we do, unlike any other theme park on Earth.


Accompany your elder children around KidZania while your littlest ones learn and play at the Fun First Kids Club – our fun and affordable nursery for babies and toddlers up to the age of 2.

Our well-trained professionals will look after them in safe surroundings, encouraging their imagination, curiosity and exploration with stimulating activities. Choose from structured membership offers or hourly drop-off service.

Important Information

  • Please bring your original passport or Emirates ID with you to be presented at the counter
  • Everyone from babies to senior citizens can visit KidZania, but most activities are suited to children aged 4-16. Children below 120cm must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Adults can leave and return without paying twice, but re-entry fees will apply for children who leave and come back in a single day. Children below 120 cm can not be left unaccompanied.
  • NO previous experience is required
  • Guests are required to carry a hard copy of the Tickets.
  • A valid ID needs to be provided upon check-in.
  • Some options of Tours, Excursions, Activities’, can change by the Management, without prior notice.
  • Each participant should comply with the regulations and restrictions.
  • Food is not allowed from outside.
  • Heart Patients, Physical disabilities due to impairment, Passenger has undergone major surgery recently, Pregnant women are not allowed for this activity.
  • Smoking & drinking is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  • Operations can be suspended due to conditions, maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Some options or facilities require extra-payment to experience and avail them.
  • Operations can be suspended due to conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Subject to Availability.

Terms And Conditions

  • Booking and Reservation should be made 24 hours before the actual tour and excursions.
  • We can only confirm the booking once the payment is done through Cash or Credit Card.
  •  NO SHOW will be charge 100% of the actual amount paid.
  • No refund is allowed for any missed tours.
  • Rate published online is Subject to Change with-out prior notice.
  • Tickets once sold can not refund.


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